The Images

This new (and improved!) web site is still under construction. The new collection format has been fully implemented only for the Favorites, New Work, Interactive Panoramas, and Antarctic Collections; when you click on other choices you will be taken to the older format.

About the Collections

I have a large number of images in each category and they are organized to be useful both to the casual browser, and to the person looking for a particular image to hang on their wall or use in their publication. Thus the initial choice in each collection is a portfolio of favorites (mine) and/or recent work. The other choices will lead you to larger portfolios that might be thought of more like stock images. All of the images, be they favorites or stock, are of a quality suitable for making a fine art print. Some of the Collections start in autoplay (slide show) mode and may be accompanied by suitable music. This is still in the experimental stage.

About The Productions

These are multimedia creations that present as a slideshow or video. They will start automatically but may take a few seconds to load – the files are large, and to get the very best images (4K resolution video for your large screen UHD TV, for example) it might be necessary to download the file instead of viewing it in a browser.

A Note on Black&White

Often a color image will contain a striking black and white image just under the surface. As you peruse these collections you will see a number of these “duplicates” where both images start from the same original and go their separate ways. These are not accidents or mistakes, just two interpretations of the same image.